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I'm Amy--a mother by day, knitter at night, engineer/economist by resume, and wife throughout it all. I stopped working outside the home when Peter was born (at home, with a pair of midwives, after 4 days of prodromal and 24 hours active labor) because of my conviction that full-time mothering was the most important job I'd ever have. My desire to over-extend myself (and buy gobs of yarn) led me to start a knitting business, EweBetcha, in the fall of 2004. Now people pay me to watch ER reruns at 2am while making pants for their toddlers. I'm expecting my second child in March 2006. After a year of requests and discussions, I took a two month contract consulting position with my former manager that has led to my longest times away from Peter yet, but the timing couldn't be better in terms of Peter's growing independence coupled with my growing belly. The job could become an annual project, but I'll see how this year goes first.

I tend to fall into the Attachment Parenting mindset, although my strongest connection is to ecological breastfeeding and all that entails. We co-slept with Peter for 18 months, never gave him formula or pumped milk, didn't rush solids, and let him nurse on demand. He is now cutting back on nursing and may wean before the baby arrives, but it's not something we've put deadlines on.

I'm a convert to Catholicism (Easter 2004) and will stick up for the Vatican's teachings whenever the need arises.

I have yet to find a political party with my particular blend of pro-life, pro-social causes views.


knitting, cloth diapering, scrapbooking, catholicism, attachment parenting, homebirth, natural family planning, mass transit, ecological breastfeeding, gardening, sewing, canning, biking